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Alter Ego

Embrace Your Alter Ego: Tell the Real World to Fuq Off

At the best times possible, and sometimes at the very worst, our alto egos take control of our bodies and tell reality to **** off in the worst way…or the best! It all depends on the character you play and the tricks you have up your sleeve. So who’s your alter ego?

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Office Wars: Payback is a Beast

Today one of my colleagues pulled one of her usual “I-can’t-do-anything-except-put-on-a-front-for-anyone-that-bears-a-high-ranking-title” routines, and I didn’t like it because her diminishing response(s) tampered with the successful completion of my work. However, payback is a beast! GRRRRRR

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Office Work Leads to Excessive Alcohol Consumption

“Idranktoomuchlastnightis’ is the medical term for employees that appear to work inebriated or hungover. It is caused by high levels of work-related stress.

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