Remove Old Bullsh*t for a New Year

Let’s make this short and sweet. No long goodbyes; no extended farewells; not even an “I’ll catch you later.”

…short and sweet.  “So long mutha effer!”  Tis the season to be jolly, and w/ that jolliness comes the end of relationships past.  Not just lovers, but friends, associates, stalkers, and booty calls who no longer make your nature rise.  

Though it is encouraged to remove yourself from any situation (or people) who are less than conducive to your welfare and life as a whole, the onset of a new year is the perfect time to wipe the sleight clean and start all over. 

Take out your little black book, grab a magic marker and have at it!  Cross out that lying bastard’s name who gave you every excuse in the book why he/she couldn’t see you every time you asked to hang out or hook up.  Cross out the zero’s name who only called you when they were hot in the pants.  Scratch off the biatch who promised to come through, but never did.  Mark off the ex who you thought you loved, but never really liked. 

Now is the time for your freedom and liberation.  It is your chance to shift your focus from the past and on to yourself.  No more chasing people and their dreams.  No more saying “yes” to the things you think will make someone else happy.  After all, sooner or later you will need to realize that you are not living for anyone else and that all relationships are not quite meant to last forever.  Marriages aren’t forever; best friends aren’t forever; flings aren’t forever; jobs and coworkers aren’t forever; even cars aren’t forever.  Let go and let God lead you down a new path of life.  Not for anyone else’s sake but your own.  

And while you’re at it, promise yourself one thing: You won’t bite your tongue when you tell your undesirables to kick the curb.  You may curse, scream and yell.  All is encouraged!  The louder and more vulgar you are, the better.  Your vulgarity will ensure that those pricks will not bombard your Happy New Year with old bullsh*t.  And if they do, send them over to the Hills of Hottywood where an explosive surprise awaits them.  A surprise filled with hand grenades and all things that go “BOOM!” 

Remember, 90% of any effort is getting started.

One thought on “Remove Old Bullsh*t for a New Year

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