Nothing Says Nothing Better Than Nothing

This post is about nothing.  It has absolutely no substance whatsoever.  It’s not about the wind that blows or the air released from an ass after an impressive inhalation of boiled eggs.  It’s not about the silence of a bad joke or the hesitation after the inquiry, “was it good for you?”   

It isn’t about assessing the amount of nothing a single person can muster up, think about, do, say or even consider.  It’s not about yeses or no’s, wrong or right, good, bad or ugly.  

What this post is about is nada; rien; nichts; niente; Ничто.  If you have no idea what any of that means, it means “nothing.” It’s simply a multitude of foreign tongues (Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian) that says, well…nothing.  

The purpose is not with intent to discuss the smell of ripe armpits, funky athlete’s foot or heavy, thick morning breath.  It’s not about the thoughts of other people, whether their interpretations of you or life are positive or negative.  It’s not about approval or validation or even entertainment.  

It’s not about anything.  

Not the air we breathe.  Not the sh*t we put up with.  Not the sound of a slap on the forehead when someone miscounts your change.  Not the grunt of disgust when McDonald’s give you the wrong order, nor the simmering grits that cook on the stove at the moment you confront your lover about cheating on you.  

It’s about zilch; zip; zero; nil; naught – nothing, damnit.  

Sometimes things need to be that simple.  Have no meaning; no purpose.  No why or because.  Just be, for the need and desire of enjoying the moment of purposeless time.  No fuss, no rush, no stress or worry.  

The best part is that nothing takes no work at all.  What more can you ask for?  I know the answer to that question: NOTHING.   


Quote of the week:   “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”

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