Hottywood’s Reality Check

What would gossip magazine covers look like if Hottywood were in control of the columns? 

I’ll tell you one thing, there wouldn’t be any deceiving article titles.  Only the truth.  The cut-deep, cold-hearted, ugly truth.   For example:

  • I would be the very one to tell Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to stop being so damn stupid and pressed over these men that don’t want them.  Why the hell is this news-worth, anyway?  How many women get played by their men?  
  • Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby aren’t speaking.  Big whoop.  I’d pay to have my mate shut the hell up sometimes.  But I doubt if it would make the front page of a major magazine. 
  • Jennifer Hudson’s finally getting married after being knocked up and shacking up with her baby daddy.  I have three words for this, ” The Glamorized Projects.”  Pookie and LaShawnda did the exact same thing last week. 

Yup, if I had control over the press, Hottywood’s Reality Check Magazine would be a book full of “So What’s” and “Who Cares?” 

Check out the cover page below.  It’s time we give some of these phone ass reality shows a real life reality check!



Quote of the Week:   “Celebrities get paid to be stupid.  They also dress up to make asses out of themselves.  Us commoners do it for free.  Maybe what makes us so stupid is that we aren’t smart enough to get paid for it.” 

-I guess we could if we tried hard enough.  All it would take is a little effort.  And 90% of any effort is getting started.

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