Happy Holidays from Hottywood Helps!

It won’t be long before families gather around the Christmas tree to sing yule-tide carols off key while sipping on egg nog and telling stories of when Santa Claus used to leave children more than one gift under the tree.  And it won’t be long before angry parents or the neighborhood beggar is left standing in the cold cleaning reindeer dung from rooftops.  

And while some people will have their faces twisted at the presents they may or may not receive this Christmas, old Saint Nick is somewhere taking one final swig of Mrs. Claus’ homemade joy juice, getting his mind right for the attitudes of some bad ass kids and grumpy grandparents who will probably leave stale half eaten sugar cookies on the back porches of houses in the projects.  

I guess Santa is on to something visiting people only once a year.  If I were him, I’d probably get drunk too!   




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