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Dear Hottywood,

I had a friend that I grew up with, and consider him like a brother. But as time has passed our friendship seems as if it has [also] passed away. I’ve tried to keep in touch, but it seems the ties I have tried to create and maintain were not good enough. Should I just stop trying and move on?


Dear Anonymous Inquirer,

Friendships stray all the time but it doesn’t make you any less friends. “Moving on,” sounds so drastic; especially when you don’t know the circumstances of the other party’s situation.

Perhaps you should consider giving your friend time to do his thing and walk his own path for a while. But don’t lose sight of what he means to you in your heart. You can’t be sure of what endeavors he’s involved in. He could have a new love; a new business; a broken heart; or a lost mind. He may have no phone; his vocal cords may have frozen and have not yet thawed out. He could be in jail or is simply just laying low. Maybe you’ve changed and he doesn’t know how to address you. The possibilities are endless and honestly, you just never know.

If you feel you’ve done everything you can to get in touch with him, then it’s time to chill out for a while. Continuing to be persistent in making him communicate with you before he’s ready could be considered border line stalking.  And trust me, no one likes a stalker. Well, maybe someone who’s crazy and desperate for attention. Though you don’t know whether or not your boy has gone loco, it’s pretty clear he isn’t desperate for attention.

True friends always come back like frisbees and pimples. So be patient and let time lead this relationship. If you two were as close as you say, you’re still in his heart and your paths will once again cross…but only according to destiny; not according to you.

Remember, “Time is a talker and needs no questioning before he speaks.”

Patience, young Jedi.



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