Announcing This Month’s Junior Hottywood Artist of the Month

June 2011Kats and kittens, half of 2012 is almost over and this month has a new light to shine on another set of bright young diamonds in the rough, the BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company (BCDC). Located in Fort Washington, Maryland, BodyMoves is a community movement center that hosts a variety of programs for youth, including martial arts, gymnastics, and of course dance!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see the dance group in action as they celebrated their 5th Anniversary Jubilee.  They danced through time and culture on pointed toes and perfect extensions and carried their audience to whimsical places far beyond any theater seat.

This impressive youth group danced like swans to classic rhythms; classical, contemporary, jazz, gospel, hip hop and African dance, with so much eloquence that their talent completely dispeled their age.  “Bravo!” BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company.  “Bravo!”  I say, to a job well done on your part in proving that the art of dance places no discrimination on age and soul. 


*Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause to the BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company for being this year’s 6th official Junior Hottywood Artist of the Month!


BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company, Fort Washington, Maryland

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