Announces July’s Featured Junior Artist of the Month

July 2011 – Guys and Gals, it is yet time to spotlight another hidden talent in the Metropolitan area.  This month’s Junior Hottywood Artist of the Month is none other than Arrington James Lassiter, a recent graduate of Luke C. Moore Senior High School, class of 2011.  

Arrington, 19, has been featured in over 500 dance performances, productions, and events throughout the DMV area, in addition to New York, Florida and the state of Georgia, alongside dance greats such as Arthur Mitchell and Debbie Allen (who once taught at my alma mater, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts) as both a dancer and choreographer.  With such training and experience under his belt, while [currently] performing with the Northeast Performing Arts Group, located in Washington DC, he also teaches children ages 3-10 the joy and art of dance.  

Arrington is not only being acknowledged for his rhythmic accomplishments and contributions, but also for giving his time and talents to children younger than he who shares his passion for dance.  For this reason, honors Arrington James Lassiter and wishes him much success as he prepares to matriculate at Anne Arundel Community College to further his education in academic studies as well as the performing arts. 

*Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause to Arrington James Lassiter for being this year’s 7th official Junior Hottywood Artist of the Month!

Arrington James Lassiter, age 19 Washington DC


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