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Dear Hottywood, 

How do you help someone who won’t help their self?  



Dear Anonymous

There are two simple answers to this question: (1) you can’t and (2) you shouldn’t.  There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to help someone but why bother when they are content with the state of their current situation?  Helping someone who doesn’t want to help their self only adds stress to you and heavies the load on your plate.  If they don’t care about upgrading their life or situation(s), your situations aren’t going to matter that much to them either, and they’ll probably spend about as much time waiting for you to mind your business as you are trying to push them to an elevated level.  Do yourself a favor and take care of your own home before you try to clean up someone else’s.  

On a more positive note, I commend you for wanting to better someone else’s status.  Too many people in this world couldn’t care less.  Keep on having a big ol’ heart of gold but don’t accidentally become a fool at someone else’s expense.  To keep things on neutral grounds, continue to encourage them to make steps in a more positive or new direction.  They’ll appreciate their walk a lot more if and when they make the decision to move forward, but it’ll most likely have to be on their terms – not yours.  

Thought of the day:  “Getting lost will help you find yourself.” 



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