There are No Second Chances to Make a First Impression

If someone meets you for the first time and you are admittedly (or unconsciously) guilty of portraying the following characteristics, the below noted message applies to you. 

If you carry minor or extreme habitual liar characteristics; eat with your mouth open like some deranged caveman or barbarian; are seemingly needy; always right and never wrong; rude; crass; spit when you speak; are anti-hygienic; ignorant beyond the class of Section 8; if your elevator doesn’t go all the way to top floor; you often reference the slutty side of your personality; gossip excessively; shoot trouble; pick your nose; have an incurable dandruff problem; monopolize conversations; curse like it’s a native language; are argumentative by default; love to play the blame game; arrogant; one-sided; one dimensional; close-minded; think like a criminal but act like a victim; a blatant self-groper; blatantly grope strangers; don’t know what the word “grope” means; or rely solely on your looks or pass judgment based on the looks of other people; then you should be reminded of one thing:

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