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Dear Hottywood,  

I was recently contacted by an old flame, soon after learning she schemed her way back into my life (scheming, in terms of lying to and manipulating people to give her my number).  The actions of this flame is not the behavior that I remember.  Part of me is intrigued by the re-acquaintance while another part is skeptical.  Any advice? 



Dear WTH, 

This is a clear cut case of “Run for the Hills!”  You can’t base a relationship on a person you once knew, especially if you’ve been given confirmation of that person’s morph into someone else.  When you heard the words “lying” and “manipulating,” that should’ve been an instant red flag.  There’s no need to invite even the slightest possibility of those signs of trouble into your life.  Having said that, if there is any part of you that is skeptical about any person, place or thing, it’s usually codename for a “gut feeling” or “intuition.”  If you listen to nothing or no one else, listen to your Spidey senses because they’re usually right.  Every time you refuse to listen to your gut, it results in a serious case of the bubble guts – aka – some sh*t.    

If you want to be cool with this chick, that’s okay.  Just be cool and careful from afar.  If she manipulated her way into your realm of contacts, that’s only the starting point of what she’s capable of.  

Ordinarily I’d give you a whole bunch of other funny quips, but I don’t think you need any more advice than that.  Follow my word, listen to your own intuition, watch your back and don’t be anybody’s fool.  If you feel a sudden urge to act in fool-like ways, remember this quote: 

“Three things have been difficult to tame: the oceans, fools and women. We may soon be able to tame the oceans; fools and women will take a little longer.” 



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