This Week on, “Ask Hottywood!”

Dear Hottywood,

This week I confided in a friend about a personal issue I’m dealing with. Sadly that friend used the consultation as an opportunity to bring up painful memories of my past. Her choice of words implicated some very hurtful things about me. Though I don’t fully believe her intentions were malicious, they were quite inappropriate and inconsiderate. How should I address this? 


Dear Unforgiveable, 

We, as humans, have an unconscious uncanny ability to stick our foot in our mouth. The best thing you can do is to tell your friend that she said some shit foul enough to make your butt itch.  Let her know that her words were hurtful and that you didn’t appreciate them and that if she ever forms her lips to say anything remotely ridiculous to you again, you’ll climb to the top of a 100-story building like King Kong and drop a ziploc bag full of frozen bacon grease on her head.  

Once you’ve gotten the vengeful violent streak out of your system (or have been released from jail – whichever comes first) use this scenario as an example and reminder to either keep your issues to yourself or confide in someone that won’t judge your [past] mistakes.  No one can make you feel like some shit over the shit you’ve done if you don’t give them shit to reminisce about.


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