New Trend Alert! Shades of Concern: 100% Genuine Interest or Synthetic Nosiness

In this day and age, you never really know who is genuine or not, or as the rowdy kids at almost every bus stop across the nation would say, “real” or “fake.” It wasn’t more than five minutes ago when fake eyelashes, silicone breasts, botox injections, and synthetic hair dominated the world. Only a mere few short seconds later fashion took another turn in the form of faux concern, draping the streets with hues of “How are you?” and “What’s wrong?” instead of red carpets. These trends are adorned by many at every turn made – family functions, office settings, church affairs, and especially neighborly interaction (over the fence sidebar conversations, sugar borrowing, etc.). 

With the strong impact that today’s pop culture has on society, the question rests in the pockets of those that wear the faux pas solicitude. Are the questions of concern made out of 100% genuine interest or manufactured see-through nosiness?  

The Shades of Concern:  

Family Phone Tree:

(GRAY) – Not necessarily black and white

When it comes to family, one may ask “What’s wrong?” or “Is there anything I can do to help?” but one never knows if the answers to the burning questions will swing on the branches of a family phone tree. 


Seeking Godly Counsel:

(WHITE or RED) – Heaven and/or Hell

When it comes to members of most churches in this era, the only one with the answers to the questions you seek is Jesus. A wise man once said, “Hell is filled with people with good intentions.” 


Office Personnel Status:

(PINK) – As in pink slip

When your coworkers and colleagues ask you about the details of your personal life, the general concern usually revolves around what kind of leave you’re going to use to get out of work for the day – sick, slick, vacation, comp or non-illness related – and why. Soon after, they do a background check followed by the brightest pink slip you’ve ever seen. Once you’ve been canned, see how many coworkers ask if there’s anything they can do to help. They’ll be more concerned with who gets your swivel chair. 


Neighborhood Watch:

(BROWN) – Earth tones could be equivalent to “living under a rock” or “getting hit with a rock”

Usually neighbors live their lives through the people that live in the homes next door, and then exploit them to the neighbors that occupy the house(s) across the street. The only time you can trust them is when they pay you to watch their pets. If they ask you what’s wrong, something’s not right. 


Peer Counseling:

(PLAID) – You never know what color you’ll get so why not throw them all on at the same time

Kids want to show general concern for their peers but they also thrive on gossip. One can’t put too much weight on adolescent behavioral inquiries. Up until the senior year of high school, those inquiries and their effects build character. So does getting jumped on the playground at 3 o’clock. Watch what you say and to whom. 


Psychiatric Sessions:

(GREEN) – Time is money

If you need some serious advice, it’s always best to go to someone that barely knows you; someone that won’t judge you; or someone that is paid to care. The scariest thing about therapists though is that you never know if they’re crazy, considering they listen to everybody’s problems all day. But they aren’t so crazy that they won’t charge you for listening to you go on and on about all the voices in your head. In fact that’s not crazy at all. That’s smart.


Like most fashionable trends, it’s sometimes hard to tell the real people from the fake and equally so to differ good intentions from bad. Still, no matter how you squeeze it, like spandex, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Often times ingenuity is just another fat chance.


Quote of the Week:  “Mistrust the man who finds everything good, the man who finds everything evil and still more the man who is indifferent to everything.”




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