Weather’s Fashion Mix-up

School is in. Summer vacations are out. With the change in the calendar seasons comes a bit of confusion on the fashion front, as well. 

In recent days, weeks and/or months, we’ve seen a saddening trend of

white Socks and Sandals (which is the beginning of an oxymoron of a fashion failure)


Skinny Jeans for men

(which almost slaps the concept of masculinity in the face)


Bush Weaves

(hopefully for women ONLY, which also defeats a purpose of covering unkempt natural hair with synthetic tresses)


Sagging Jeans that shows off skid marks in underwear


and eye blinding False Eyelashes.

Fashion, as fickle and contagious as it is, no doubt will not fail to disappoint with the onset of a season transition. This fall and winter, we have to look forward to the rising of winter wear confused with the passing of a preceding seasonal trend. That’s right boys and girls. Get your boxing gloves ready to punch the crap out of those folks that will purposely pair flip-flops or shorts with winter coats.

The winter of 2012 will surely bring a basket full of people that simply will not let go of the warm weather, and as a result, will suffer [by choice] from hypothermia and frost bite in vital places of their bodies. 

All I can say is, “Is be careful what you ask for.” Sadly, our society bounces from one extreme to the another. Oh the joys of Americanism.

…and Stupidityism.


Quote of the Week:  “The difference between style and fashion is quality.”

-Giorgio Armani

2 thoughts on “Weather’s Fashion Mix-up

  1. I think we should take the skinny jeans away from the “guys” who wear them and give them to the dudes with the sag. I’ve seen enough of men’s underwear. Something must be done.

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