This Week on, “Ask Hottywood!”

Dear Hottywood,  

I have a cousin that downs me all time but comes to my aid whenever I call for a quick buck. Just recently he told me if I ask for a loan one more time, he’s going to cut me off. Personally I think he’s being a little selfish. I mean, isn’t that what family is for…helping out each other?  


Dear PayDayLoan, 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I happen to agree that your cousin should cut you off. Based on what you’re telling me it sounds like you have imposed on his pockets one time too many. I don’t necessarily think he should badmouth you, but if you always have your hand held out, it’s not surprising that he’s tired of your begging, and no common human being (that I know anyway) can keep that kind of annoyance to himself. It sounds to me as if you’re the selfish one because you expect him to support you on the foundation of blood relation. 

No man, unless he’s your husband or sugar daddy, should have to support your needs and his. If you’re a woman you could probably skate by a few times. If you’re a man you ought to punch yourself in the stomach. A grown ass man, if he can’t do anything else, ought to be able to take care of himself. If it were me, I’d tell your ass to go out and get a j-o-b so you can learn and appreciate independence. Not to mention keep your hands out of my pocket. 

Maybe there’s more to this story that you’re not telling me. Maybe you’re doing something for him that is equivalent to his financial sustainment to/for you. Maybe what you’ve told me is what it is, the beginning and the end. Whatever the deal, he has a right to say “no” when it comes to his money for your needs. Instead of being pissy about it, you should consider doing something to change your circumstances. 

I probably didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear but I’m sure I told you something that you needed to hear. In the long run this advice is more valuable than the dollars you can no longer borrow from your cousin. Good luck with that.


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