Stay in Your Lane

Not even the crisp winter air can stop the phenomenon of annoying center-street bicyclists.

Everywhere you turn, it seems as if everybody and their mama are trampling the streets on two wheels, most commonly [and annoyingly] during rush hour traffic. What isn’t so commonly known is that bicyclists are merely exercising their right to be too cheap or too poor to buy cars like the rest of the driving population of the planet. But if you were to ask the opinions of any driver of a four door sedan, cyclists are causing a rapid influx in horrifically funny road rage and bicycle tragedies.

As if it isn’t enough to have city streets plagued with bikers like roaches on a floor of a kitchen in an apartment complex somewhere in the projects, workers, children and tourists of all ages take advantage of traffic laws and spin their two wheels outside of their bike lane lines.

I have news for you cyclists:

The only rights you are enforcing is the right of a vehicle driver to lose his/her marbles to the point of running you over or getting out of his/her car to whoop your butt with your own bike! You are about as annoying as a little dog with a big bark, or as confused as a cat that thinks he was a dog in a former life.

Legally, road rage equates to disturbing the peace [and sometimes physical assault charges that could leave one locked up in a holding cell with criminals that carry street cred for major jail-time offenses], so no one literally wants to take a chance on side swiping a 10-speed bike, even though the thought lives actively in the minds of all those drivers that operate vehicles that require leaded or unleaded fuel.

Bicyclists alike should beware of drivers that are smart enough to toss banana peels out of their windows, conveniently in the bike lane, and more often outside of those lanes, since bikers now-a-days refuse to keep their asses in their designated paths. *Banana peels are the new middle finger to [bicycle] street  hogs.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. 


Quote of the Week:  “Anyone that drives slower than you is an idiot, while anyone that drives faster than you is a maniac.”

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