This Week on, “Ask Hottywood!”

Dear Hottywood,

I’m a little worried about a friend of mine. He’s been depressed lately. He’s been putting up a good front as if he’s getting over his depression, but the part that scares me is that he says in recent days he’s been having dreams that’s he’s been killing people. Should I be scared?

Shaking In My Boots

Dear Shaking In My Boots,

Michael MyersThere’s a part of me that wants to be funny and tell you that you shouldn’t be scared unless he tells you he’s waking up from these dreams with a smile on his face, and then there’s the other part of me that watches the news and sees how crazy people are these days. So in answer to your question, Hell yeah you should be scared!

To be quite honest with you I don’t need (or shouldn’t have) to support my answer with any follow-up comments.

What part of the word “kill” sounds nonthreatening to you? Michael Myers didn’t laugh when he killed all those people in the movie Halloween. And nobody felt safe when he came creeping around with a big ass butcher knife. Maybe the little clown that plays in all in the Saw movies laughed, but those deaths sure as hell weren’t funny. There wasn’t a damn thing funny about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In fact, I bet if you saw any or all of these movies your ass was scared to go to sleep that night. So what makes you think that you shouldn’t be scared of someone you know personally who is having dreams of slaughtering the living? The fact that he’s telling you about these dreams could be a warning that your ass is first on the list to go.

I’ll tell you one thing, don’t invite me to hang out with you and him because I’d be a scared mofo!


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