Breaking the Ties that Bind

DELETE_2In the chain of friend[ship]s, it never fails that someone’s link is weak, and you can always count on the first month of a new year to bring that (or those) weak link(s) to light.

For some people it’s intentional to break those ties that bind at the beginning of a new year while others don’t bother to wait to let the old one play out. No one is really right or wrong in waiting (or not waiting). It all depends on how one feels and how much one can tolerate.

It isn’t uncommon for one to merely scratch a name out of an address book with a black magic marker, permanently covering the name and number of the frienemy. It also isn’t uncommon to decorate those names and numbers with a red magic marker, representative of blood (as in you’ll die before you allow yourself to communicate with that him or her again). Tossing a cell phone into oblivion is not as likely as simply deleting a name from a contacts app, however it is physically more satisfying. Perhaps not satisfying to the pockets, assuming a cell phone owner doesn’t have insurance like most cheapskate mobile phone users.

Ejection Seat

Let’s not get totally confused. Though a name may be scratched out of a book or deleted from an electronic device, a friendship can still be etched in memory (provided one doesn’t have Alzheimer’s disease or get into some form of an accident that results in amnesia), which means deleting a contact isn’t necessarily equivalent to deleting that friendship forever, even if it is the initial intent. Most people are just stubborn in the first month of a new year and are fairly tired of holding on to much of nothing, namely a friend/relationship that isn’t quite working, so they eject their confidantes for a time.

Joan Rivers

Although a broken friendship can be mended, they do run the risk of never being the same. Think of it as a 50/50 shot at plastic surgery. I would reference Joan Rivers but I actually love Joan. I’m also deathly afraid of getting on her bad side, so forget I brought her up at all.

The new year brings new resolutions and new limits to old bullshit, which is codename for “People-that-have-done-you-wrong-in-the-year-prior-are-to-be-rewarded-with-blocked-text-messages,-straight-to-voicemail-messages-and-music-ringtones-from-the-new-group,-“The-Dial-Tones.”

I am not one to encourage breaking up friendships [or relationships] with the dawn of a new year, but when in Rome…

New Year Break Ups


Quote of the Week:  “If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”

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