Foods Not to Eat On a First Date

Greedy PigHave you ever gone out to eat with someone that had no table manners? Is it more annoying to you or more embarrassing? Chances are if you’re eating out in public with someone you know that hasn’t been trained in the art of table etiquette, you’ll forgive and forget (although you might sneak a snapshot of them and post it on Facebook) …hey no one said you’re perfect. But let’s say that person isn’t your friend. Instead they are someone you are going out on a date with. Better yet – a first date. Can you name some foods that would be considered inappropriate to eat? Remember, when considering the list of items image is everything!

In case you are having a brain freeze from the consumption of too many ice cream cones, I am more than happy to advise you on what you shouldn’t eat on a first date. After all, Hottywood Helps!


It’s never attractive to eat spaghetti on a first date.


It’s messy. You also look a little silly trying to find the end of the spaghetti string as it continuously wraps around your fork. If you just so happen to have a dirty mind, the spaghetti sauce can easily remind you of something else but you didn’t hear it from me.


Hamburgers aren’t very sexy to eat.

Eating Hamburger

It’s very common that people who eat hamburgers almost never eat them with a fork and knife. That’s just stupid. If you have no fork or knife you are left with only two things (well three depending on how you look at it). 1) A spoon, which makes no sense, and 2/3) your hands, which makes you look barbaric and greedy.


Eating Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob isn’t the most sexiest choice on the menu.

The corn easily gets stuck between your teeth, not to mention in your beard.

Tell the truth, can you imagine how very unpretty it would look to see corn bits stuck in a woman’s beard?

It’s definitely not anything you’d run home to call your friends and brag about. Not unless you start off the phone conversation with, “You won’t believe this shit, but I have pictures to prove it!” 


I’d probably advise against eating Chinese food on a first date.

Eating Rats_Chinese Food

Not that I don’t love Chinese food because I do! It’s just that you never know what you’re eating and the last thing you’d want to do is upchuck in the middle of a restaurant.

It’s the number one way to ensure you won’t get lucky later that night.


It’s NEVER good to eat anyone’s butt that wears underwear that reads “I Love to Fart.”

First date or not, it could prove to be a shitty mess and that’s a major turn off. 



Eating fire, wood or babies is usually frowned upon. If you eat any of these on your first date it will no doubt double as your last.


I don’t think you really need a why for these choices but if you do, it’s inhuman, unsanitary and a little creepy. It also has to be bad for your teeth, breath and reputation.


The number one food to eat when you go out on a date is ALCOHOL!

One Drink Too Many

By the time you’re finished drinking your dinner, you’ll be too drunk to give a shit about what you or your date looks like with or without food.


Quote of the Week:  “You didn’t fight your way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.”

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