If You Spell “We” and “Team” with an “I”, Then…

I’m sure somewhere over the years we’ve talked about self-absorbed people that only find the time to discuss their needs and wants [only]; “I need a new weave.”; “I need to get laid by the whole cheerleading team.”; “I want a donut (well who can blame them).”; “I want a nickname like Lindsay Lohan’s Firecrotch.”; “I want to never ever sing like Aaron Neville.” Cry me a river, why don’t you?

Well I’ve got one for you. Actually I have a few of them for you. “I want you to shut the hell up.” “I want you to drive off a bridge without a car.” “I want you to stick four bran muffins in your mouth at one time and forget about a beverage to wash them down with.” “I want you to forget how to speak for 8 hours and 15 minutes.” “I want you to record yourself for a full day and then tell me you don’t get on your own damn nerves.”

This post is dedicated to all those persons that failed every vocabulary quiz in grade school and still spells the words “We” and “Team” with an “I.”

This post is dedicated to all those persons that feel there is no topic more interesting than their boring asses.

This post is dedicated to all those persons that only find friendship with a couple of the voices in their head because no one else is sober enough to listen to them talk about themselves.

This post is dedicated to…well, shit. You get the point.


Quote of the Week:  “There’s something ugly about a pretty boy who knows he’s pretty and assumes everyone else know it too.”

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