Chivalry isn’t Dead, it’s Just a Little Numb

Construction Worker Whistle

It would be really nice if a woman would kindly tell me why most women (seemingly the most unattractive ones, dare I say) have a pissy attitude when a man greets them with a courteous hello.

I’m going to jump out on a limb and say the vast majority of women deals with impolite, discourteous, pornographic, horny, disrespectful and sometimes even and/or overly obnoxious men on a regular basis; and because of their encounters [with such men], they’ve assumed that every man that offers a friendly salutation has some other motive in mind. I could be wrong with my assumption but personal experience has been doing nothing but challenging my ethics and common courtesies.


Ladies, on behalf of the disrespectful men that have in one way or another disrupted your good days with a very bad “psst”, a whistle, “hey mama”, “can I get in those jeans”, “what’s up with that”, or “damn you’s a fine bitch!”, I would like to apologize. Maybe those men don’t get or haven’t gotten any attention, or loving, or special kisses, or ass. Maybe they were raised by wolves. Maybe the stork delivered them to the doorsteps of their parents. Maybe they don’t believe their mothers are actually women. Whatever their reasons for being douche bags, I’m making a personal plea that you get over yourselves and stop taking out your angrywomanism on every single man that greets you out of the kindness of his heart. To put it simply, not all men are jerks. And not all men want to get in your bloomers. And to those lesser attractive women, you should be nicer. Ugly people shouldn’t be mean. Though I could flush out that statement by saying something like nobody wants your shoe bottom face lookin’ ass, I’m going to be nice and keep it simple.

Every man isn’t in to you. Every man doesn’t want to take a sip of your sweet & sour nectar. The good men, like myself, will eventually wonder why you don’t, won’t, or can’t determine which men are genuine with their salute and which aren’t.  You roll your eyes when we speak but then you defame our character when we don’t. Please do us a favor and stop blowing hot and cold. It’s hard enough being a man as it is. We don’t need you to make life any more difficult for us. Save that for when you actually do respond to our flirtatious salaam with your phone number.


Quote of the Week:  “A man must have very eminent qualities to hold his own without being polite.” –Jean de la Bruyere

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