Just One of Those Days


Today is one of those days. Yup I’ve concluded.

My mood is straight up. It isn’t anything eluded.

The rain is coming down and my penis is risen.

My stomach is growling and I’m without any chicken.

My coworkers are all talking holes in my head

And my bad luck hasn’t been lucky yet enough to kill me dead.

The phone keeps ringing, while unexpected meetings pop up.

Instead of death on the spot this is my luck.

Horny as a toad, stuck in a room for eight hours.

My colleagues’ sweet salutations causes my mood to steadily sour.

As much as I want to say “Get the hell away,” I don’t think today is the day I should go that way.

“Why do you say that?” asks the nosy man on my left.

Because today is pay day and I’d like to continue collecting checks.

In my future though, rests a spirits store and some green

If you don’t get it, you don’t get – like the Washington Post, nah mean?

Speaking of “don’t get it,” I’m not getting it now

Which is why I’m in this mood. BOOM, BAM, KAPOW!

Something’s gotta give, and I mean soon before I turn into a straight goon.

The day is still young and the night’s not here yet.

I know I’ma get something. You can place that on a bet!

Was it this serious for me to put this in a poem?

Yes it was cause that’s how I roll



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