This Week’s List of Things That Really Pisses Me Off

Guys and Gals, I know you’ve been waiting for it. And here it is. It is officially time for another rendition of “THINGS THAT PISSES ME OFF THIS WEEK.” Considering today is only Tuesday, this week’s list is rather short. Short or not, it still packs a punch. Speaking of punching something…well let’s get to the list first.

People who don’t know any part of a song except the most popular tag line. Listen; nine times out of ten those people can’t sing anyway. Who in the hell wants to listen to someone fuq up the melody of what is otherwise a harmonious rendition of heaven blowing through radio frequencies, and THEN throw a nailed coffin on top of their tone-deafism by not even bothering to put in enough effort to learn the lyrics of the song? Anyone that does this BS is lazy and talentless and should spend the rest of their lives standing on trap doors.


Being stood up. The only thing worse than being stood up by someone you really like is being stood up by someone you don’t like at all. It’s already bad enough that being stood up is equivalent to someone finding something better, more important, or more interesting than spending time with you. When you think you’re the life of the party, you’ll find out just how much life support you have when your ride fails to show up to take you to that party. “Garcon, table for one!”


Ignored Message

Ignored text messages and phone calls. See #2. The same shit applies.



Running out of toilet paper at the most crucial moment. This really doesn’t need any supporting statements. Running out of toilet paper at any time is bad. Running out of toilet paper while secretly trying to drop a load in the bathroom of a friend or associate just has “fuqed up” written all over it…in brown ink…outlined in a dark yellow water color. Ladies and gentlemen, shit is officially about to hit the fan.



Enough said.

If you have something that really pisses you off and you want to see it here, send a message to

10 thoughts on “This Week’s List of Things That Really Pisses Me Off

  1. On the flip side, nothing would make my day more than knowing Justin Bieber was stood up at a Macarena party while sitting on the can and realizing he’s out of toilet paper.

  2. I love lists of things that piss people off. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside because then I know I’m not the only one getting extremely pissed off at stupid shit in the world. Thanks!

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