Don’t Mess With a One-Legged Ostrich on the Subway

This morning I got into a fight with a one-legged ostrich on the subway. I was actually winning, too, until I lost focus from laughing at the fact that there was an ostrich on the subway with only one leg, no less.

Let me warn you to never underestimate the martial arts capabilities of a single-legged ostrich. They have incredible balance. 

Mad OstrichApparently my falling into his lap when the train almost jumped tracks to avoid hitting an alligator that escaped the confines of the sewer and made its way into the subway tunnels didn’t sit well with the physically challenged bird. I tried to apologize but as I looked into its eyes, all I could see was a giant chicken leg. It could be that my drooling from the thought of devouring a life-sized drum stick tipped the scale of his anger. With no warning at all, he went all Woody Wood Pecker on my forehead and Bruce Lee’d my ass all the way up and down the train car.

After the bleeding [finally] stopped and the other metro riders finished laughing at me, a small part of me (the only part of my body that didn’t get pecked and kicked) found a new respect for ostriches – as in don’t f*ck with one, especially on the subway, which in fact is the moral of the story.


Quote of the Week:   “Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”

3 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With a One-Legged Ostrich on the Subway

  1. I, too, have felt the wrath of an ostrich while at a wild animal park. Tip: Don’t ever roll down your window while driving through a wild animal park, even if they say it’s OK. The ostrich stuck it’s head in through the passenger window, past my wife, and over to my lap to peck at a peanut husk left over from the petting zoo. Needless to say, I saw soprano for a week.

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