Kermit’s New Pig is a Fox!

Denise and KermitListen here, guys and gals. If there’s any one man . . . ahem – frog . . . on this planet that I have mad respect for, it’s Kermit the Frog!  That amphibian is a G!  Not long after his very public breakup with America’s favorite bacon-flavored diva, Miss Piggy, Kermit has gone all googly-eyed for another porker. And this pig is a fox! Sources say things could be heating up fast.

Rumor has it Kermit’s been getting cozy with a hot little ABC marketing executive who is exotically named Denise. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know ABC is the network home of his new hit show The Muppets, with whom he costars with none other than his former lover and attention hog, Miss Piggy – and I hear, kats and kittens, that Piggy is none too happy with Kermit’s recent hook up.

Tension between Kermit and Piggy has already been strong, but now the air is really getting thick with Kermit’s steamy new relationship. One would imagine The Muppets would suffer greatly from Piggy’s subtle jealousy and Kermit’s gigoloism, but the two remain professional during filming, often times noted as storming off in two separate directions once the cameras have stopped rolling – Piggy to her tricked out on-set  trailer and Kermit to an all-expense paid night out on the town with his new piece.

While Miss Piggy may be off somewhere feeding her troubled little heart,


Denise is gearing up for her acting debut, appearing along side the former couple on The Muppets, set to premier September 22 at 8PM on ABC.


I personally am not ready to see Kermit move on to another, especially so quickly, but I also admittedly can’t knock his hustle. Do you, Kermit. Or should I say do Denise?