Payback is a Bytch – I Mean Pig!

The Muppets. Kermit the Frog has a new girlfriend, Denise, after splitting from long term love Miss Piggy. Pictured Kermit and Denise who is his new girlfriend Image grab from internet - for Nikki’s no secret that the world isn’t taking so well the demise of the long-standing relationship between Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.  While Piggy has been hush hush about the recent split, Kermit’s cool points have spiked with the onset of his relationship with his new squeeze, Denise, a sexy marketing executive at Network ABC, home of the Muppet’s new show soon to be aired later this month.

Though media circuits across the celebesphere have been ablaze with word of Kermit’s latest conquest, no one can overlook or forget that Miss Piggy is the original diva of ‘bounce back!’

Since their split, Piggy has traded in her pint-sized stilettos for a pair of one-size fits all leg warmers to don at the gym as she shapes her post-breakup body for a string of rumored new beaus.  And let me tell you, Miss Piggy lives to prove that even a pig can be a baaaaad bitch!


While Kermit the Frog paves the ground with interviews and press conferences to promote The Muppet’s new show and shed light on the Piggy split, Miss Piggy hasn’t exactly shied away from the spotlight either, though she’s never been one to shy away from the spotlight.

Known to be one of Hollywood’s most celebrated fashionistas, she can’t help but to attract the attention of some of Tinseltown’s hottest men, starting her own social media trend that #frogsaresolastseason. Though she’s been parading around town on the arms of some pretty highly profiled arm candy, an anonymous source has hinted that Miss Piggy may have found someone special enough to replace her former green lover.



No word yet on how serious things may be getting in her love life, but if anything can be judged by this picture, this pig may soon be poked by another pound of bacon!


You know what they say, “PIGS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!”