Unapologetically You

Over the last 365 days (plus six more days), I’ve observed a lot of people and the impact their behavior has had on society and the people in it.  And what I’ve learned is that no matter how questionable some people may be; no matter how clueless, careless, impulsive, uncompromising, unsympathetic, arrogant, obsessive or overly aggressive; people are the only somebodies they know how to be.  And it’s those qualities, good or bad, that makes them who they are.  Take it or leave it, babies.  Either way you’ve no right to judge.
At the end of the day we are all struggling to illustrate our own individualities in a society that’s now almost forcing us to be clones of one another.  And regardless of how we may dress it up, we are all one people fighting for a place of acceptance in this cold, cruel world.  We want to be accepted into a group, a club or a clique; or loved by someone who hasn’t quite mastered the art of loving their self first.  And to prove what to whom?  Who dictates society?  Other than the government…and the media…and our peers and neighbors, and possibly even a few coworkers.  Okay, so that probably wasn’t the best question to ask to prove a point.
The point is, regardless of where we are or with whom, we are practically in the same company we’d be in if we were alone in an empty room filled with nothing but a single mirror; looking at a reflection of a person we’re almost satisfied with (as far as satisfaction goes for an individual standard of a voice that’s lost in a sea of a song sung off key).
Whether you’re a jackass, a cheater, a liar, a hater or someone who’s outright confused about this, that or the other, be unapologetically you, because that’s what makes up your character; the character that owns his or her place in a strange land of people who are trying to be known by anyone [or everyone] simply to be accepted in a world that’s been painted by an unnamed artist.
Keep in mind that when you try too hard to be something you’re not, sometimes too much is just too much.

Being yourself is hard enough as it is so don’t get lost in everyone else’s expectations because everyone else is just as fucked up as you are and you haven’t figured out what it is you expect from yourself yet.

Quote of the week:   “Every perfect person has a flaw.  And that flaw is not accepting that nobody’s perfect.” 

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