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Tracks of an Underground Advice Columnist

HottywoodHelps.com now brings to you its debut book, “Tracks of an Underground Advice Columnist, the first of an Ask Hottywood trilogy, which chronicles the tale of a young Hottywood and his inspiration behind becoming a humorous advice columnist.

Find out more about Garfield S. Gardner, Author and Dream Free or Die!℠ Press.

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After being holed up in a grungy jail cell for a crime committed by his alter ego, Gardner, a Washington DC newspaper editor, sits down for his first one-on-one interview with the very one who framed him, Hottywood Helps. What Gardner discovers is that Hottywood’s wisdom (per the nonconformist musings of his own witty advice column, ASK HOTTYWOOD!) comes with a past. The advice connoisseur embraces his calling as an unorthodox advice columnist when he finds himself amidst the drama of friends who had betrayed their love interests, in addition to witnessing a sideways cultural upheaval in his very own neighborhood; and in true artist fashion, paints pictures on his computer screen as Gardner experiences the adventures first hand.

Through Gardner’s fingertips, Hottywood’s voice sings in blog posts responding to individuals seeking solutions to their troubled day-to-day lives. Whether he’s filling the seats of church pews or spinning in office swivel chairs, Hottywood does not disappoint in guiding the misguided with over-the-top solutions to small life difficulties and easily comes into this own as a beacon of counsel behind a facade of a pair of dark shades.

Washington DC is a small city with big nerve. Ask anyone.

Better yet, ASK HOTTYWOOD!

  • Paperback: 243 pages
  • Publisher: Dream Free or Die!℠ Press; 1st edition (2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0692229353
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692229354

“Tracks of an Underground Advice Columnist is a laugh out loud, feel good novel sprinkled with hilarious advice that will tickle your nostalgia and bring back memories of yesteryear!” ~ Owner, Full of Memories Travel

“Seldom have I read a book, such as Tracks of an Underground Advice Columnist, that has the common sense to combine textbook intelligence with real live street swag. I found myself lost in the true-life feel of the book, and at times reminded of personal experiences where I wished I had a “Hottywood” to help steer me away from foolish decisions.” ~ Raymond Glover, Department of Agriculture

“I can see this branching off onto the big or small screen.” ~ Assistant Superintendent for Catholic Schools