Nominated for a Liebster (not Lobster) Award

liebster-awardJust when that annoying indestructible strand of nipple hair had finally fallen out, I didn’t think things could get any better until my friends over at SmashingThroughLife  nominated for a Liebster award.

Of course at first I had no idea what the hell a Lobster Liebster award was or why I was nominated for it, but if I’m being recognized for anything other than winning a pie eating contest, it’s all good with me, so thanks SmashingThroughLife. Folks, if you’ve not visited their website yet, get off your ass and go over there now. It’s some good stuff. If you don’t, you will forever walk into invisible spider webs with your mouth open.

Since you asked, I know you didn’t really but I’m going to tell you anyway what the Liebster award is. The Liebster award is a recognition that’s given to small bloggers by other small bloggers. There isn’t any money or chicken wings associated with the award (although there should be) but it’s nice to know that others are reading some unknown and/or underground blogs other than the blogger and the two or three people he’s holding hostage and forcing to stomach his/her literary works. If you are lucky enough to receive a nomination for this prestigious award like I have, then the universe (and by “universe” I mean the judges and nominators) request that you stop being lazy for just a second to do the following things.

  1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog. That’s just common courtesy like saying “please,” “thank you,” and “pass the damn jelly!”
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answering the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag back thingy’s.

Also as part of the process, it is asked that you reveal some interesting (and sometimes intrusive) facts about yourself by answering some questions that have been posed by the nominator (see #2 above). For example, below you’ll find some questions that SmashingThroughLife asked me. I don’t know if the answers I provided were exactly what was expected, but I’m going to assume part of the reason I was nominated for the Liebster award is because there’s no telling what the hell I will say next.

  1. How do you take your eggs? I take them out of the carton while I’m still inside the supermarket when no one is looking and place them inside my shirt or pants. Usually I look like I have man boobs or really big balls. Almost always no one has the “balls” to ask any questions. After I’ve taken and carefully hidden the eggs inside my clothes, I walk out of the store very quickly and very, very carefully.
  2. What is the best concert you’ve ever been to? The best concert I’ve ever been to was any concert where one of my personalities serenaded my other personalities in Russian Pig Latin. I may not have been able to translate any of the lyrics, but music like farting, is a universal language.
  3. What’s hiding under your bed right now? Dents in the floor from where I tried to cave in my downstairs neighbors’ ceiling after listening to one of their drunken late night trysts. Arguably I could have been jealous that I wasn’t invited or involved, but that’s not the question at hand now is it?
  4. Worst book you ever read, maybe you couldn’t even finish it. What was it? The book was called ‘Behind the Velvet Ropes’. I don’t remember much about it except that it made me wish I had a velvet rope tied around my neck with the other end [of the rope] attached to any car involved in a high speed police chase.
  5. How do you like your pizza topped? Duh. I like my pizza topped with another pizza.
  6. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever eaten?  Pickled raven’s wings. …don’t ask.
  7. What is the most played song on your iPod?Bitch Please’ by Lil Wayne because the words are so romantic. Some of the lyrics say: “Stop lying, bitch,” and “Look into my eyes, ho.”
  8. Would you or do you go to the movies alone? I probably would go to the movies alone as long as it’s a matinee and there’s no one there to see me by myself, and no one there to think I have no friends. However I’m never alone and I never go anywhere alone. I have too many voices in my head. At least that’s what they tell me.
  9. When was the last time you got so drunk you couldn’t remember anything the next morning? I don’t know. I don’t remember. Last night is highly possible, though. Wait, what was the question?
  10. Something that makes you smile every single time you think of it. What is it? The thought of tying my old supervisor’s shoe strings to the back of an Amtrak train. He may not like it but I’d sure get a kick out of it. In fact, I’m smiling now just thinking about it.
  11. What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done? The bravest thing I’ve ever done was flip my desk upside down, set it on fire and mooned an entire office of people while in the process of quitting my job (not necessarily in that order). Oh wait, you mean in real life? If you mean in real life, the bravest thing I think I’ve done was drop my pants to my ankles while peeing standing up.

Now that you’ve gotten all into my business, let me share with you a list of the blogs I’ve chosen to nominate for the Liebster award. I hope they take the time to follow directions and answer the 11 questions I’ve put together so that I and everyone in the blogisphere can get to know them a little better.

  1. Ned’s Blog
  2. Smashing Through Life
  3. Marriagecoach1’s Blog
  4. Dream Free or Die
  5. Sen1989 “The Prince of Urban Media”
  6. Stuff Black People Hate
  7. MDM Associates
  8. The Human Water Cooler
  9. Dark Office Humor
  10. My Everyday Power Blog
  11. Elife Advice

Nominated bloggers, please answer the 11 questions below:

  1. Do you hover over toilets in public bathrooms?
  2. What body part do you wash first?
  3. What’s the strangest talent that you don’t have?
  4. What’s one common reason all of your exes share for dumping you?
  5. If you had to choose between never washing your bed sheets and never washing your bath towel again, which would you choose?
  6. If you were the only man/woman on Earth with the very last McDonald’s French fry, where would you hide?
  7. When was the last time you played an air guitar?
  8. Name something that you do alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others.
  9. Have you ever sniffed an armadillo’s butt (if not, you’ve not lived)?
  10. How often do you clean out your belly button?
  11. Have you ever found your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s brother/sister/friend more attractive than them?

So that’s what it is, my people. I’ve been nominated for an award; answered some questions about myself for all of you that are nosy enough to care (or not to care); and I’ve given my nominations for those I think are worthy enough to be recognized. What the hell more do you want from me? Geez.

As I pack my long tree branch with a bunch of personal things wrapped up in a bandana tied to the end of the stick, I want to say “much love to you all” before I take my hike! Let us all remember 90% of any effort is getting started. The other 10% leaves you too tired to care about finishing what took you so long to start in the first place.

Again, thanks for nominating Hottywood Helps. Now you won’t have to wake up to glass bottle caps under your car tire every morning.

An Open Letter to Metro – “You Suck!”

Dear Metro Officials,

I’m taking the time to write this letter to wholeheartedly say to you, “Thanks for nothing.”

ANGRY METROEvery time I get on the train, about five minutes after my ride begins, I am reminded of just how intolerably ghetto you are. Maybe it’s the constant breakdowns, the fires on the train tracks, the suicidal jumpers, the muggers, the single tracked cars, the broken escalators and elevators, the no shuttle bus services or the constant hike in fares that give me so little hope that you will ever get your shit together.

Last night during the one hundred and tenth minute of my thirty minute commute, I had nothing but time to read the newspaper and was a little surprised at the ambitious plan metro has for an upgrade, which is presumed to be paid for by metro riding tax payers – an expense that will cost millions if not billions of dollars. Of course we’d be happy to pay for your upgrades. Why not? You are already bleeding us dry from a system that barely works. Why wouldn’t it be a good idea to add more subway lines and underground tunnels that will more than likely cost more trouble and add more time to our commutes while taking more money out of our pockets and paychecks? Please know that I say this with the most sincere sarcasm.

METROMy intent on writing this open letter of disappointment and disgust to you is tarnished by my body’s lack of strength as I am completely exhausted from last night’s wait in a sea of angry metro riders for the next available shuttle bus to ANY metro station remotely close to my home, which unsurprisingly didn’t arrive for at least two hours after you made a public announcement that there was no longer any running trains to my station. I believe your exact words were, “If you are traveling in the direction of Greenbelt (the opposite way from my home, of course) there will be a twenty minute delay. If you are traveling in the direction of Branch Avenue (guess where I was headed), you are out of luck! There is no metro service at this time and God only knows when we’ll be up and running again.”

Aren’t you tired of singing this song? I know I’m tired of hearing it.

Flintstones AirplaneOh, to dream of the days of old where commuters were transported to their destinations by giant tyrannosaurus rexes like on the Flintstones. Life would be so much simpler, provided those dinosaurs wouldn’t eat their passengers which, in all honesty, wouldn’t be any worse than what metro is doing to its riders today.


Quote of the Week:  “Mass transportation is doomed to failure because a person’s car is the only place where he can be alone and think.” Names Mother and Son as May 2012 Junior Hottywood Artist

May 2012 – In recent issues of’s Junior Hottywood Artist feature stories, recognition has been given to individual students, church choirs, and school classes. Continuing with the theme of recognizing the most note-worthy of unsung artists, this month’s kudos is extended to a special team – Dequan Kamari Wooten and this mother, Kirsten Williams.    

Dequan, a 6th grade student at Waldon Woods Elementary School, like many children his age, enjoys spending time with his family. He has a passion for sports that is further exceeded by his desire to greet that passion head on, which is what makes his story such a remarkable one.  Like many young boys Dequan dreams of one day making a name for himself in the sports arena. Unlike many with the same dream, the one thing that separates Dequan from other common dreamers is his Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy.  

Born 3lbs 3oz and nine weeks before his expected delivery date, doctors diagnosed Dequan, one half of a set of twin boys, with spastic diplegia just before his first birthday and was expected never to walk. The news fell hard on his parents, more so when epileptic seizures complicated his condition even more.  Refusing to accept the possibility of her son’s inability to walk, mother, Kristen immediately sought orthopedic treatment from the Georgetown University Hospital, Physical Medicine and Rehab Department and HSP Pediatric Center in an effort to propitiate Dequan’s desire for mobile independency. After receiving two major surgeries, he is now able to walk with the aid of leg braces. 

Understanding the difficulty and frustration of not being able to play field sports with his peers, his school coach afforded him an opportunity to help coach the school’s [sports] team(s), broadening his knowledge [of sports] from a different angle.  Kristen saw the joy in Dequan’s eyes from the support he received from his family, friends, school and doctors and continued her struggle to seek additional aid. With her commitment came a ray of hope. Upon the recommendation of doctors, Williams was able to solicit help from members of the Staff Rehabilitation Equipment Professionals group, a leading supplier of wheelchairs in the Washington, DC area.  The group donated a loaner custom made orthopedic bike, allowing Dequan to recreationally pedal freely with his friends, strengthen his gait as an alternative means to daily physical therapy, and most impressively enter into this year’s Special Olympics of Maryland, an organization that focuses on year-round sports training and athletic competition for persons with intellectual disabilities. 

Dequan’s strength, determination and perseverance for living out his dream of being active in a sports arena, specifically his role in the Special Olympics of Maryland, has earned him a spot on the mantle as this month’s Junior Hottywood Artist! 

Albeit what sounds like a sad story has blossomed into quite the opposite on paper, the scrolls haven’t quite fully unfolded.  Knowing that the bike provided by the Staff Rehabilitation Equipment Professionals is on loan, Dequan’s family now finds itself in the middle of a tumultuous battle with an insurance agency to provide financial support of a new custom bike – one that is paid for by the family rather than borrowed from a third party source. Despite the medical experts’ documented acumen for the need for paralytic mobility, the insurance company has denied Williams’ claims multifariously on the speculated grounds that the coverage is for mere convenience rather than ennobling need. 

Not accepting “No” as an option, the arbitrate mother has since spearheaded community fundraising projects to help raise money to purchase the new bike, sans the support of the refusing insurance company.  On Sunday, April 29th she hosted a bake sale in the Clinton, Maryland community and plans to host another one in this coming month. It is because of her industrious effort as a concerned and supportive parent that she is acknowledged as this month’s second Junior Hottywood Artist honoree.     

Kats and Kittens, please join me in a round of applause for the first time ever Mother/Son Junior Hottywood Artists, Dequan Kamari Wooten and Kristen Williams!


Announcing This Month’s Junior Hottywood Artist of the Month

June 2011Kats and kittens, half of 2012 is almost over and this month has a new light to shine on another set of bright young diamonds in the rough, the BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company (BCDC). Located in Fort Washington, Maryland, BodyMoves is a community movement center that hosts a variety of programs for youth, including martial arts, gymnastics, and of course dance!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see the dance group in action as they celebrated their 5th Anniversary Jubilee.  They danced through time and culture on pointed toes and perfect extensions and carried their audience to whimsical places far beyond any theater seat.

This impressive youth group danced like swans to classic rhythms; classical, contemporary, jazz, gospel, hip hop and African dance, with so much eloquence that their talent completely dispeled their age.  “Bravo!” BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company.  “Bravo!”  I say, to a job well done on your part in proving that the art of dance places no discrimination on age and soul. 


*Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause to the BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company for being this year’s 6th official Junior Hottywood Artist of the Month!


BodyMoves Contemporary Dance Company, Fort Washington, Maryland Announces This Month’s Junior Hottywood Writer of the Month

April 2011 – This month, we are not simply going to celebrate the honors of one gifted student for his/her impeccable writing abilities, nor one school.  Instead, we are going to celebrate an ensemble of youngsters who sing praises to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  After all, songs are words set to music.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause to the Angelic Choir of Second Baptist Church Southwest for celebrating 48 years of lifting up the name of Jesus in song!  

On Sunday, April 3, 2011, twenty-nine gifted and talented youth came together to render musical selections to dozens of witnesses who gathered in the sanctuary of Second Baptist, a community church located in Washington DC’s Southwest district, to commemorate the achievement of another year of the choir’s musical service.  Drums beat, voices lifted, and the holy spirit filled the building as the melodic adolescent group sang, danced and recognized the scholastic achievements of those [choir] members who landed a place in line for this year’s honor roll. chose the children of the Angelic Choir to honor as this month’s Junior Hottywood Writer(s) of the Month because of their dedication, faith and commitment to God’s word.  

In the troubling times that we face now, children have a tendency to stray towards the gray areas of life – but not these children.  Instead of stomping their feet and rolling their eyes at the sound of the word “church,” these children are proudly and prayerfully taking in proper lessons from their parents, pastor and choir coordinators to follow a road promised by a power greater than all powers.  

These children have rallied to say “No” to the fast life and “Yes” to the promised life!  And for that, they are to be commended. 


*Please join me in a round of congratulations to Second Baptist Church Southwest’s Angelic Choir for being this year’s 4th Junior Hottywood Writer(s) of the Month and the first church [choir] ever to be chosen for this rewarding title! 


Second Baptist Church SW Angelic Choir, Washington DC