Welcome to Hottywood

Welcome to Hottywood_FRAMED


I am the angel that sits on your right shoulder, steering you from wrong, and the devil that sits on your left, aiming rubber bands at the right when wrongful consequence serves a more valuable purpose. I am light. I am darkness. I am not always right, but I am never wrong.

A long time ago I accepted a responsibility from the heavens to show others that silly nuisances are nothing but fortuitous climaxes that fill one’s drama between plot and purpose, which automatically deemed me to be a run-on sentence for a reason of how and why “shit happens.”

I am because I have accepted my place in this world to carry out a legacy of rationale for those that have lost their way. In the hope of saving if only but one from the embarrassment of an unnecessary hardship, relationship, or pink slip, I have pledged to be a tour guide for questionability. My advice is more than just that. It is a journey. It is a reason for my reasoning. It is an answer of wisdom; the kind of wisdom your mother didn’t give you and the kind of wisdom only experience can teach.

 Do you have a situation that requires advice? Are you ready for the advice that I have to give?

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